Lapeer Homeschool Partnership


Here’s what parents are saying:

I wanted to thank you for offering the Lincoln Interactive Online Virtual program this year. I cannot even begin to tell you how very pleased we are with this program. my daughter loves it. It is set up in a way that the teaching and video instruction are entertaining enough to keep her attention and also keep her from being bored. She is making tremendous progress! She is excited and ready to work each day! Thank you again for offering this program, I would STRONGLY recommend the K- 5 program to anyone with elementary-aged children, and really hope the Lincoln Interactive program will continued to be offered in the future! – DeeDee C.

I just want to say how much we have appreciate the Lapeer Homeschool Partnership and the benefits it has brought for our family!!! While we love having our kids at home and being in charge of their schooling, at the same time we have really enjoyed the classes and the teachers at LHP. It has enabled us to get some of those tough classes that our kids need without all the work and cost of doing it ourselves. We appreciate the Rossetta Stone classes and getting the needed assistance from their awesome teacher. Also, we are so thankful for the fact that our 11th grader (who tested out amazingly on the college entrance exam) will be able to get duel credits over the next year and a half of his schooling — and it’s all paid for! I am really thankful that this door has been opened for our family, and I am hoping to see it grow so others can benefit from these classes while still being in charge of their child’s schooling. I am looking so forward to the next semester when they are going to have the opportunity to participate in some music classes and learn new things that they can carry with them long after they graduate!!! – Donna H.

I wanted to share with everyone that we have been participating with Lapeer Homeschool Partnership this year. They are registering for the second semester now if anyone is interested. We have a good experience and if you have any questions for me I will be willing to answer them.

My daughter is in 11th grade this year, and she is loving her classes. I have seen a lot of growth in her in these last few months. She is taking Sign Language at LHP, and she has a tremendous passion for it. She has had some exposure to Sign in the past, but it has always been presented in a way that she felt was to immature for her. This experience has opened doors, in her eyes, for the future. She loves her teacher and has a lot of respect for her. Her participation in the deaf community is very impressive to my daughter.

She is also taking a Creative Writing class at LHP. The biggest change I have noticed in this area is that she has never once complained to me about a writing assignment that she is working on, and has never failed to get it done on time.
I think for Mariah outside accountability has made the most difference.

My son has been taking Spanish I. They use Rosetta Stone and get to practice at home every day with the program. His teacher is Traci Dean. Many of you know Traci, she is a great teacher. She speaks French and Spanish.
I have never done any kind of foreign language with my kids before, because I couldn’t afford an expensive curriculum and I don’t have very much skill in the area. This class has been great for him, and because he is so young he has many years ahead of him to become proficient or choose another language to study. (They offer many languages)

He is also taking an Art class. He is always excited about this class. I asked him a few weeks after we started what he liked so much about it. His answer was surprising to me. He said “It’s great! We are always learning a lot of stuff more than I have ever learned before.”
Okay! I thought he was just going to say he liked to draw or something.

The program is for 6th – 12th grade. All the classes are FREE, or more correctly stated, paid though our taxes.
– Amanda W.

Here’s what the students are saying:

LHP has been such an awesome program so far! I am learning a lot and really having fun also:) i love it! – Jonna T.

I love this program so much it has helped me learn so many new things and it has also helped me grow as a person!
– Michaela P.

So exited for Wednesday!!! Such fun classes! – Cohen R.

Here from a family who have been involved in another Partnership for years….

My kids have been involved in a partnership as well for the last two years and it has been a very positive experience for them and me! The first year we used the partnership for elective classes only – wanted to get our feet wet and see how things went. Last year they did their core and elective classes and I’m not looking back! I still have a very hands on role, I’m able to see exactly what they’re learning, and Bryan and I were very pleased with the results at the end of the year. The opportunities for them are endless and I, for one, am thrilled that my kids can go through this program with awesome, local elective options (they can take electives on-line as well, but we opt for partnerships), early college classes and more from the comfort of their own home. I feel like I have my cake and I’m eating it too! Our teachers and mentors are awesome and it looks like you have a great line-up for your own students! I wish you only the best in this endeavor! – Judy W.

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